Todd C. Roberts has nearly 20 years of experience in the insurance industry. Todd began his career in 1990 as a door to door insurance salesman where he learned the value of customer service. In 1993 he was promoted to sales manager. Within one year, he became the branch manager of his firm. His responsibilities included hiring, training and developing 17 counties in Northeast Pennsylvania. He returned to New York in 1999 to work for Prudential Financial.

In 2001, Todd founded Todd C. Roberts & Associates Inc. to better serve his clients. He realized that in order to meet the needs of his many clients, he needed to represent many different companies. He is now able to place your insurance with the company that will best suit your needs, giving you more coverage for your money.

Todd understands the benefit of dealing with some one directly for all your insurance needs. He will never make his clients rely on the automated toll free numbers that are so common with other agencies.

If you need Auto, Home Insurance or Disability give him a call. He would be happy to put his many years of experience to work for you.

           Lance Roberts has been licensed for over 20 years in the insurance industry. He started his career as a “door to door” insurance salesman, servicing existing accounts and offering insurance to other business owners within his territory. In the first few days of his career, he achieved the“50 Day Award,” an award not achieved by most agents in their career.

He further achieved the “Honorary Grand Diamond Award” during the first year of his career. This is achieved by writing 100 units a week for 5 consecutive weeks. This distinction is one of the highest awards offered by the company.  He was presented with a trip to Boston to meet the founder and CEO, along with other award winners for the North East Region.

Lance was appointed just a short time later to the company management training program known as the J.E.T (junior executive training). Despite a recommendation by the upper management to not promote Lance because of his young age, it was the recommendation of local management that prevailed and he was sent to Boston to attend the program.

Lance’s ability to develop agents was apparent, and he was promoted to a district manager. He was further trained to teach others management skills, In his first year as a district manager, Lance achieved a 14% increase in sales and was recognized in Las Vegas along with 142 district managers in all of North America.  Lance achieved this task by increasing his customer retention to 91% in Utica NY, astounding his superiors−the first person to accomplish this task.

After 8 years, Lance decided to expand his career in the insurance industry; he accepted a position as a property and casualty agent with Liberty Mutual. Lance learned the Liberty Mutual principals of offering better customer service, better coverage and saving his clients’ money…a philosophy that he embraces to this day. The obvious reality is that if you own a car or have a mortgage, then you need insurance. It is just a matter of who people are going to choose for this coverage.

Lance enjoyed great success in expanding his client data base by applying these very principals. With an understanding of auto, home and commercial insurance and a love for residential and commercial property, Lance has the ability to understand and meet client needs. It was no surprise that Lance’s brother, Todd C. Roberts, invited him to come aboard and add to the success of his corporation. With their strong family principals and business practices, Lance is able to now meet all his clients’ needs.